park will help alleviate cloudburst challengesĀ 

Photo: Tredje natur

The modernisation of the Enghaveparken Danish recreational park will help alleviate cloudburst challenges in the Danish capital.

The project includes cloudburst protection measures, which will make room for 26,000 m³ of water in the historic and preservation-worthy park in the centre of Copenhagen.

The park's existing green grid structure is maintained, but instead of leading the water away from the city district through underground sewers, in future, the Enghaveparken will delay vast amounts of rainwater by means of dikes, sluices and hollows before leading it onwards to the port of Copenhagen.

As an integrated part of Copenhagen's Cloudburst Masterplan, the park will secure this part of Copenhagen against the devastating damages of cloudbursts, and may serve as an inspiration to other cities worldwide.

Together with architectural firm TREDJE NATUR and process consultants Open Air Neighbourhood, COWI is the main consultant for the modernisation of the park.



2014 -

Copenhagen municipality

Tredje Natur
Open Air Neighbourhood


  • Overall design of the park including
  • Cloudburst solutions for retention of 24,000 mĀ³ water
  • Fountains
  • Water treatment
  • Solid concrete wall surrounding the park with water spouting from the top of the concrete structure
  • Concrete slab with cooling system for skating rink
  • Field for hockey, ball sports etc
  • Reconstruction of the historic pavillions by Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen
  • Construction management assistance
  • Supervisory control
  • Project management

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