Keeping an eye on the Great Belt

Climate change Solutions

Climate change means that coastal infrastructure facilities and buildings will be exposed to greater risk in the future than they are today.

That is why A/S Storebælt asked COWI to assess the possible impact of climate change on the ramps to the Great Belt tunnel, the coastal defences and the tunnel itself. The ramps down into the tunnel are constructed with permanent drainage systems to control the groundwater and rising sea levels which could result in increased pressure under the ramps.

Among other things, COWI’s analyses show that the dikes on Sprogø and Halsskov will have to be gradually raised in the long term if the original design and safety criteria are to be maintained. It may also be necessary to increase pump capacity to cope with future precipitation events.



2015 -

A/S Storebælt


  • Operation and maintenance
  • Climate impact, analyses and upgrades for climate change
  • Design and procurement
  • Permanent facility for lowering the water table and keeping the ground dry
  • Regulatory matters
  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis of robustness of the surface water systems
  • Update of operational risk analysis
  • Cost estimate

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