solar energy

Solar energy is an essential and inexhaustible source of renewable energy. Since the late 1980'ies, COWI has been involved in the development of more than 200 solar energy projects in 28 countries. 

These projects have involved both ground mounted large-scale solar facilities, solar roofs and other building-integrated systems.

As a full-service provider, we offer our services at all stages of solar energy projects. From due diligence to feasibility, environmental and social assessment, regulatory clearance, plant optimisation, construction permitting, detailed design, tendering, procurement support, design reviews, commissioning and performance testing and asset management.

We also offer grid code compliance studies for interconnection of larger power producing units to the power transmission grid using state-of-the art software tools.

Our work expands beyond solar fields to include energy storage components and solar to hydrogen. COWI´s broad range of engineering capabilities allows us to support floating photovoltaic (PV) and hybridization with solar thermal projects, biomass, district heating systems and wind. 

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