Cable-stayed bridges

Photo: COWI

Take a tour of select projects which COWI is carrying out or has completed in the field of cable-stayed bridges.

The Øresund Bridge, Denmark- Sweden

The Stonecutters Bridge, Hong Kong

The SuTong Bridge, the JiangSu Province, China

The Paranaíba Bridge, Brazil

The Second Orinoco Bridge, Venezuela

The second bridge across the Panama Canal

The Farø Bridges, Denmark (pdf)

The Pont de Normandie, France (pdf)

The Naini/Allahabad Bridge, India (pdf)

The Nelson Mandela Bridge, South-Africa (pdf)

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge of the Jin-hu high-speed railway, China (pdf)

The Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, Korea (pdf)

The Sungai Johor Bridge, Malaysia (pdf)  

LAST UPDATED: 31.03.2017