Messina Strait Bridge

Photo: COWI

​The Messina Strait Bridge connects coast of Sicilia and Calabria in Italy.

The Messina Strait Bridge will connect the coasts of Sicilia and Calabria in southern Italy. It will carry a four lane highway with emergency lanes and a dual railway line. The bridge is a suspension bridge with a world record breaking 3,300 m main span. The design life of the bridge is 200 years. The suspended deck is arranged with the cross girders spaced at 30 m as the main elements whereas the two roadway girders and the central
railway girder are taken as secondary elements spanning between the cross girders. Thereby the Messina Strait Bridge will be the first bridge in the World to adopt the triple box
concept for the deck.

The main cables consist of twin cables spaced 1.75 m - i.e. a total of four cables are required for the bridge. The sag to span ratio of the cables is fixed to 1:11. The towers are frame structures with slightly inclined legs (inclination Messina Strait Bridge, Italy
of approx. 2°) and four connecting cross beams. They are constructed in steel. The tower top level is at 382.6m.

COWI’s services included investigations at the pre-bid stage in order to evaluate possible savings. During the tender stage COWI was responsible for carrying out a complete tender
design of the bridge structure including mechanical, electrical and railway installations and LCC studies. As part of the tender design a global 3D analysis model of the bridge structure was established using COWI’s inhouse developed program IBDAS.

The analyses included static as well as dynamic analyses - e.g. dynamic wind analyses, seismic analyses by spectral response spectrum and seismic time histories, accidental actions like rupture of a hanger and comfort analyses for train passengers.The design & build contract was awarded to ATI Impregilo end of 2005.

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