Yongjong Grand Bridge

Photo: COWI

​The Yongjong Grand Bridge serves as the gateway to both metropolitan Seoul and the new Incheon International Airport.

The bridge is the only bridge connecting Yeongjong Island with the mainland. Vessels up to 10,000 tons can pass under the bridge. From downtown Seoul, you can reach the Incheon International Airport within 45 minutes.

The Yongjong Grand Bridge includes the world’s longest self-anchored suspension bridge. It consists of both a six-lane highway on the upper deck and a four-lane highway including two railways on the lower deck. The bridge is 4,420 m long and contains three different types of bridges:
Self-anchored Suspension Bridge (550 m), Truss Bridge (2,250 m), and Composite Rahmen Bridge (1,620 m).

The suspension bridge is the world’s longest two-deck self-anchored suspension bridge, carrying both road and railways. It has a center span length of 300 m and side span length of 125 m. The Suspension Bridge,made to resemble the patterns of the traditional Korean Kiwa roof and eaves, best symbolizes traditional Korean culture.

The main tower forms a diamond with two columns uniting into one. Such structure symbolizes the reunification of the Korean peninsula and undying will of the Korean people toward this goal. The Yongjong Grand bridge wasopened for traffic on December 5th 2000.

As lead party in Joint Venture with Monberg & Thorsen COWI performed a review of design basis and the structural adequacy of the structure and performed a concept study of erection methods of the cable works as well as an evaluation of the requirements for testing. Finally COWIperformed a study of potential improvements to the structure.

LAST UPDATED: 23.02.2017