Saranda Gateway, Albania

Photo: COWI
COWI has signed a contract with the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication in Albania about rendering consultancy services for the Saranda Gateway project


The overall objective of the project is to support the transformation of Saranda's downtown port into a dedicated ferryboat and passenger terminal to facilitate the access of passengers and vehicles to Albania's valued southern coastal zone.

The transformation of Saranda Port to a tourism and commercial gateway to south Albania involves the following elements:

  • Re-location of the existing cargo jetty in the Bay of Saranda to a refurbished all-cargo berth facility inside the nearby Bay of Limioni, including any necessary breakwater protection against the waves
  • Conversion of the existing cargo berth at Saranda into a cruise liner berth
  • Construction of a new yacht marina next to the new cruise liner berth


This multi-disciplinary project with a duration of 6 months involves two main parts for the COWI staff:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • Port Planning and Engineering including numerical modelling and bathymetric survey.

The project is carried out together with the local consultancy company W&P which is responsible for coordinating and rendering the field investigations required as part of the studies. DHI Water and Environment will make a physical model for studying the wave agitation in Limioni Bay.

The local partner was identified through COWI's network, as COWI Norway already during the past years have carried out a water supply and sewerage project in Albania with W&P.

LAST UPDATED: 02.02.2017