Salalah International Airport, Oman

Photo: COWI-Larsen Joint Venture


Salalah International Airport has been designed to accommodate Oman's fast growing tourism, processing two million passengers annually. COWI-Larsen Joint Venture has been main consultant on the project.

Salalah is located approximately 1,000 kilometres from the capital city Muscat, attracting tourists both locally in the region and internationally. The existing airport has a capacity of 200,000 passengers a year. The new airport will have an initial capacity for  two million passengers a year.

New Passenger Terminal Building and Air Traffic Control Tower

COWI-Larsen has used the beauty of the region to influence the design of the structure. The interior of the Passenger Terminal Building has been created into an expression of the region. With palm like pillars in the check-in area, the 65,000 sqm area of the Passenger Terminal Building is an iconic symbol for the nation.

The assignment includes a new 4,000 m runway capable to accommodate large aircraft types, such as the Airbus 380. The airport will have a 57 meter high Air Traffic Control Tower and will be equipped with eight contact stands, state of the art IT technology, a car park for over 2,200 cars and a number of other buildings.

Salalah Airport will be a key piece of infrastructure to the nation.

Gateway to Oman

The goal is to turn Salalah into a complementary gateway to Oman. Salalah is the second largest town in the Sultanate of Oman. It's environment is distinctive to the region, as it experiences an unusual monsoon season, making it an extremely lush green and cold destination. This unique natural environment attracts many tourists.

A development of the area will enable Oman to offer two holiday seasons - winter in the North and summer in the South.

LAST UPDATED: 06.06.2017