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Energy efficiency in buildings and industries

Energy efficiency in buildings and industries, COWI Lyngby 
 Photo: Morten Larsen.
Energy efficiency of buildings and industries is a specialty of COWI. We develop and integrate optimal energy solutions, which encompasses energy, environment and life cycle costs.

Energy use in buildings is becoming still more important as the new European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings is introduced.

Energy concepts

COWI assists clients with the development of energy concepts for buildings. The aim of an energy concept is to develop and integrate optimal energy solutions in buildings concerning energy, environment and life cycle costs.

An energy concept includes:

  • Integration of energy and
  • Energy systems in buildings, including energy storage
  • Energy supply for electricity, heating and cooling using natural energy sources
  • Energy efficient installations, control and administration
  • Regulation and institutional issues.

The energy concepts can be used in new buildings and renovation projects.

An energy concept is developed at the very beginning of a building project, while all solutions are possible. This provides high-quality solutions with lower total costs for our clients.

Energy audits

We perform energy audits with a sharp focus on process optimisation and process integration in each individual sector. The audits are aimed at improving the efficiency of the most energy intensive processes.

Energy management

The focus on energy management has gradually increased. This is due to the fact that management involvement is an important precondition of securing sustainable solutions within energy efficiency.

Other important elements in energy management are monitoring and targeting of energy consumption and close follow-up on the achieved benefits from implemented saving investments.

Experience within energy efficiency

COWI’s experience within energy efficiency focuses on large and energy-consuming industries within the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sector.

LAST UPDATED: 19.09.2017