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Operation and maintenance of airports

Photo: Arne V. Petersen, Kbh. Lufthavne Aps
The basis of airport operation and maintenance services is thorough knowledge of the details and functions of the physical facilities, such as runways, taxiways, aprons, terminals, other buildings, equipment, utilities, etc.
To provide operational and maintenance services in connection with airports, thorough knowledge of all details in an airport is required. COWI has gained substantial knowledge of airport operations and maintenance during our many years of airport consultancy and co-operation with partners who specialise in airport operations.


Operation and safety manuals 

We have assisted airport authorities in establishing specific manuals and local regulations such as general operation and safety manuals, manuals for the runway use in case of failures of different equipment or accidents as well as the development of software for gate selection and simulation of aircraft movements.


Operational analyses 

COWI has carried out studies of various operational aspects such as tractor towing of aircraft and evaluation of de-icing procedures. Furthermore, in close cooperation with our partners, we have established an operational framework and procurement philosophy and a strategy for operations and maintenance procurement.

Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation

Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation have been planned in great detail and co-ordinated with other activities to ensure that the total work programme can be implemented with a minimum of operational restrictions. Detailed plans showing displaced thresholds and closed areas have been produced forming a part of such detailed planning.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2017