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Facts and figures - the quick version

Offices worldwide

COWI's head office is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The COWI Group maintains 90 branch offices and affiliated offices around the world.

Project offices in a large number of countries supplement the company's permanent offices. These offices are established, staffed and operated in accordance with the requirements of individual projects.


COWI has 6,400 employees. COWI employs engineers, planners, sociologists, biologists, agronomists, economists and
other specialists with academic background.


COWI provides consultancy services within the fields of engineering, environmental science and economics etc.

Specialist services

COWI is among the leading consultants on the international market within five international specialist services: major bridges, tunnels, marine structures, airports and mapping.


COWI retains absolute independence from contractors, manufacturers and suppliers and is not associated with any interest which might interfere with its work as a consultant.


The proportion of private customers is a third, while the remaining two thirds are public and semi-public customers.


COWI is currently engaged in some 13,000 projects within a wide range of disciplines.


As an international consultant with a multinational staff, COWI carries out projects in all major languages. The corporate language in COWI is English.


Turnover: EUR 747 million (figure for 2015).


COWI A/S is the parent company of the COWI Group. COWI is a Danish private limited company, with the COWI Foundation as the majority shareholder.


COWI was founded in 1930 by civil engineer Christen Ostenfeld (Dr Tech). From 1946 to 1973, the company operated as a partnership under the name of Chr. Ostenfeld & W. Jønson. The initials of the two senior partners lent the company its name.

In 1973, the company became foundation-owned and was renamed COWIconsult, Consulting Engineers and Planners AS. In 1995, the company changed its name to COWI Consulting Engineers and Planners AS, eventually becoming COWI A/S in 2001.

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