Environmental due diligence

Photo: Morten Larsen
Rapid mobilisation and global coverage. This and a transaction-specific approach is the core of COWI's environmental due diligence advice.

In recent years, environmental due diligence has become internationally recognised as critical aspects to be addressed in connection with property and asset transactions. Significant liabilities may be posed on the new owner.

In an environmental due diligence, COWI documents the potential environmental liabilities and obligations related to the transaction. Our assessments are tailor-made to the individual transaction and to the compliance situation relative to national and regional regulations.

Decades of experience Since the early 1980s, COWI has been providing customers with environmental due diligence advice. Since 2002, we have also assisted customers with assessing social and ethical obligations associated with transactions.

Know the risk in advance
Reduction of financial risks is always a paramount goal of our environmental due diligence advice. This is achieved by focusing our consulting services on providing documentation that matches exactly the risk appetite of the customer. We are in a position to do so due to our experience from several hundreds of transactions throughout the world.

Targeted advice
Our environmental due diligence services are tailor-made to the individual customer and transaction, whether acquisition, merger or divestiture. We are familiar with the specific requirements of the transaction parties - industrial, property investor or institutional investor.

International alliance COWI has access to a global network of partners who offer environmental due diligence advice through the subsidiary of CAT Alliance Ltd, which COWI owns together with US/UK-based Geosyntec and Dutch-based Tauw. Thereby we can offer our customers a thorough local presence and knowledge regardless of the countries included in cross-border transactions.

LAST UPDATED: 26.01.2016