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Industry and Energy

The challenge for the industry is to ensure growth and become increasingly green. COWI’s industrial services help optimise production processes and implement new technologies. COWI also focuses on financially viable green solutions, lowering the carbon impact of industrial production.

Within wind, solar, renewable energy and oil and gas, COWI focuses on specialist services for the entire project cycle. We provide new energy efficient heating and cooling techniques worldwide, and through integration of technologies and energy planning we are focused on finding optimised solutions. The use of biomass for combined heat and power production and development of sustainable biofuels are also among our specialties.

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Lars-Göran Sporre
Business Development Director 
Industry and Energy
Tel.: +46 10 850 1000



Brian Seeberg Larsen
Senior Vice President, Denmark
Industry and Energy  
Tel.: +45 24 28 64 01


Jørn Christen Johnsen
Senior Vice President, Norway 
Industry and Energy 
Tel: +47 900 21 716