Aquifer gas storage and treatment facilities, Denmark

Aquifer gas storage and treatment facilities Denmark 
 Photo: COWI.
The increasing natural gas demand in Denmark has necessitated an expansion of the storage capacity for emergency supply and seasonal and short-term peak sharing.

Therefore, the objective has been to supplement the existing salt cavern storage in Jutland with a new aquifer storage at Stenlille, Zealand.

Well sites

The Stenlille natural gas storage facilities include 350 million Nm3 aquifer storage distributed on three well sites connected to the central treatment plant by field pipelines.

Each well site is equipped with a number of production wells. Up to twelve wells can be in simultaneous operation.

Central treatment plant

The central treatment plant contains scraper facilities, dehydration trains, each comprising an inlet separator preheating facility, control and slam-shut valves, glycol absorber and regeneration unit, outlet filter station and pressure control loop.

The plant layout has been based on five dehydration trains. Three compressor units have been installed for gas injection, one with a capacity of 50,000 Nm3/h and two with a capacity of 30,000 Nm3/h each.


The services included management of the entire project from the initial project phase to commissioning of the plant, including reservoir simulation and drilling engineering.

The project was performed in a Joint Venture with other consulting engineering companies.

LAST UPDATED: 19.09.2017