COWI wins Filborna BioFuel Project

Filborna BioFuel Project 
 Photo: COWI.

A Liquified BioGas plant is to be built on a current landfill in eastern Helsingborg, Sweden. COWI has been awarded the contract to execute the entire project up to the planned start-up in summer 2013.

The contract has been entered with Terracastus Technologies (a subsidiary of Volvo Technology Transfer) with whom COWI has worked together since 2007.

As the client consultant, we has been asked to manage the entire investment project, and also to design the central CO2 wash section, developed by the company Acrion in Cleveland, USA.

Liquefied BioGas

The current landfill, NSR (Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB), and associated digestion chambers produce methane gas, gas which in the new facility will be purged of carbon dioxide and other pollutants to the point that the gas can be liquefied to LBG (Liquefied BioGas). Compared to gas in the gas phase, this product is very easy to transport.

Furthermore, this liquid has been identified as an excellent substitute for diesel fuel in heavy traffic.

Carbon-neutral product

The process is based on methane gas from landfills and digesters being compressed and cooled to a cryogenic process in which contaminants are washed away in a washer column. This is followed by a number of purification steps that wash out the last impurities so that liquefaction can occur at minus 162°C in a liquefier. The final product can then be directly pumped into vehicles, loaded onto tankers, transferred to canisters or fed into the natural gas network as a carbon-neutral product.

Terracastus Technologies is running a number of similar projects globally, but this is the first facility of its kind in the world.

LAST UPDATED: 19.09.2017