Reconstruction of slaughter-house after major fire

DC Blans Reconstruction of slaughterhouse after major fire 
 Photo: COWI.
On 16 April 2007, a major fire raged at Danish Crown’s large pig slaughterhouse in Blans in the southern part of Denmark. The fire destroyed large parts of the slaughter-house and threatened the existence of 800 local workplaces.

A turnkey consultant for Danish Crown, COWI was in charge of planning and coordination and provided project management and construction management in connection with the reconstruction of approx 15,000 m², including new chill tunnels, new cutting, deboning, crate conveyance system, washing room, packing and palletizing.

Great efforts and high qualityParticularly the first phase after the fire placed heavy demands on us. COWI quickly set up a team to deal with the task – a team working on the site as well as at COWI’s offices.

In this way, we benefited greatly from our interdisciplinary strengths, specialist competencies and on-site presence. And the task really called for a large, dedicated team. At the same time, contractors, workers and specialists who could assist us at short notice had to be hired.

Everybody was extremely committed to rebuilding the slaughterhouse as fast as possible. People worked seven days a week, 12 hours a day. Everybody involved in the project really made a great effort, which is one of the main reasons why the project was so successful.

As planned, the plant was operating again only two and a half months after the fire – an impressive turnaround time.

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