Oil/LPG Jetty terminal, Libya

Oil LPG Jetty terminal, Libya 
 Photo: COWI.
Crude oil from wells in the Libyan desert is pumped to the Azzawiya Refinery located at the Mediterranean Coast. Refined products are exported through three offshore single buoy moorings and for the domestic market through the adjacent marketing company.

In order to increase the export/import shipping capacity, a new harbour with five berthing points for marine bulk carriers has to be established adjacent to the refinery for transfer of crude, petrol, diesel, heavy fuel, asphalt, lube oil and LPG.

Harbour facilities

The project includes evaluation of new harbour schemes, design of new breakwaters, a jetty with three berthing points, two piers, each with one berthing point, harbour infrastructures with buildings and roads, pipeways, marine loading arms, multiproduct pipelines, storage tanks, metering facilities, fire-fighting facilities, slop oil handling systems, ballast water reception and treatment facilities in the harbour area.

The new harbour facilities are to be tied-in to the existing refinery facilities through a new 3 to 4 km pipeway, new ship loading pumps and product interface slop handling systems.


The service comprises management of the entire project including basic and detail engineering as well as provision of the tender package for construction contracts.

The project is performed in a Joint Venture with another consulting engineering company.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017