Siri field wellhead module

Siri field wellhead module 
 Photo: COWI.
The SIRI Field is an oil field in the northern part of the Danish North Sea.
The SIRI platform concept represents a revolutionary new way of thinking both as regards total installation cost for a relatively marginal field and the record breaking time schedule with drilling start within 15 months and first oil within 21 months after EPCI contract award.

The concept consists of a 10,000 t production jack-up platform standing on a 50,000 m3 sub sea storage tank. Part of the topside facilities includes the 450 t wellhead area designed by COWI for Kværner Oil and Gas AS.

The wellhead area is designed for 12 wells totally with 6 producers and 3 injectors planned initially. Manifolds are installed for production, test, gas lift/re-injection and water injection. Furthermore, the area also includes all interfaces between the production jack-up and the storage tank and off-loading.

The Xmas tree area is made as a minimum deck facility mounted on the 5.25 m outside diameter wellhead caisson pre-installed in the storage tank. This enables pre-drilling and completion of wells 6 months prior to topside installation.

The remaining part of the wellhead area including manifolds and pipe rack is installed on a separate jackable structure on the production jack-up for offshore hook-up to wells.

This part is elevated 8 m during sea transportation of the production jack-up to clear the waves.

LAST UPDATED: 18.09.2017