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Sustainability strategy for Qatar Bahrain Causeway

Photo: Eduardo Schäfer
COWI not only analyses the negative impacts of the construction of the causeway linking Qatar and Bahrain. We are also identifying measures to be taken to enhance the bridge's positive impact on nature and society.

Such positive impacts are mentioned in a sustainability strategy covering all phases of the causeway, from the design over construction and operation to decommissioning.

The first of its kind in the Gulf
The sustainability strategy is thought to be the first of its kind for a large-scale infrastructure project in the Gulf, and the strategy takes into account all three aspects of the sustainability concept: environment, social conditions and economics.

Cradle to cradle as inspiration
The sustainability strategy is greatly influenced by the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, which is about designing products in a closed technological or biological system, so that they can be turned into something else at the end of their lives, thereby providing fuel for new products and eliminating waste.

Exploiting natural resources
One of the suggestions in COWI's sustainability report focuses on exploiting solar and wind energy. The consortium behind the construction of the bridge suggests establishing solar and wind power plants to produce energy to cover at least parts of the required power amount during construction of the bridge in addition to what will be needed later during operation of the bridge.

When the bridge is completed, extra wind and solar energy can be distributed to the local energy network providing an input to reduce the two countries' CO2 emissions, which are presently among the world's largest per capita.

Other suggestions include the establishment of a desalination plant partially powered by renewable energy, a reed bed waste water treatment plant with reuse of nutrients as soil conditioner and the construction of artificial reefs to create favourable conditions for the area's marine flora and fauna.

LAST UPDATED: 20.07.2016