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Rehabilitation of Ilulissat dumpsite in Greenland

Photo: COWI
Kangia Ice Fiord
For 20 years the dump in Ilulissat has been inoperative. The dump was never closed correctly, and the local government of Qaasuitsup now wishes to rehabilitate the area. COWI assists with preparing tender documents and funds applications.

On the outskirts of Ilulissat lies the Kangia Ice Fiord. In 2004, the area was included on UNESCO's world heritage list. Nearby, is the old town dump where decades of waste lie undisturbed and visible. The dump site will now be rehabilitated to protect the unique natural area.

Tender materialCOWI is preparing the tender documents for the rehabilitation work, which is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2010. Rehabilitation of the area includes removal of all visible waste from the area which subsequently will be drained and rehabilitated with stones, humus and grass.

COWI's services also include preparation of funds applications for financial support on behalf of the local government of Qaasuitsup.

Protection of an important natural areaRehabilitation of the old dump in Ilulissat serves two purposes. One purpose is to ensure easy access to the Kangia Ice Fiord and to the trails that protect the area against attrition. Another is to preserve a dogsled trail which the people have used for generations for transportation and for recreational purposes.  The rehabilitation will thus also improve the quality of life for the 5,000 inhabitants in the town of Ilulissat.

LAST UPDATED: 02.02.2016