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Industrial pollution prevention

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COWI covers all aspects in the field of environmental consultancy in industry and our customers are both private and public.

The environmental area has great international importance, and the demands and expectations of the outside world to all actors on the market are increasing.

This is why there is a need for COWI's professional and independent environmental consultancy based on knowledge, experience and a holistic view.

Environmental conditions
COWI assists companies with strategic planning and coaching and a series of more specific issues, such as:

  • Management systems and communication
  • Consultancy on contaminated soil, air, water and noise
  • Relations with authorities and environmental regulation, e.g. environmental permits
  • Environmental assessments, e.g. EIA, strategic environmental assessments and climate strategies 
  • Environmental technology, including wastewater, sewerage, water supply, waste, energy etc.

Consultancy around the world

COWI is a leading environmental consultant and we cover a broad spectre of professional expertise and educations within natural science, social science and economy.

Our experience and cooperative networks are global and cover a very broad palette of project types from the very small to the large and multidisciplinary.

LAST UPDATED: 19.07.2016