Cleaner technology, BAT

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Cleaner technology and BAT deal with reducing the environmental impact of the industrial sector. Since the early 1990s, COWI has made significant contributions to spreading the idea in Denmark and the EU.

COWI's combination of expertise in industrial technology and its environmental expertise puts us in a unique position to offer consultancy to industrial producers seeking to reduce their environmental impact.

Public sector consultancy

Ever since it emerged as a term in European legislation, COWI has worked for the European Commission to implement BAT in the industrial sectors of 10 new eastern European members of the EU. Among our projects in these countries are IPPC legislation and capacity expansion projects in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

We have assisted the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in its revision of four BREF documents and have created BAT checklists for the agency’s website.

We are currently working with the EPA to draw up Danish summaries of the revisions made to the first 10 BREF documents. In addition, we have written several reports for the EPA about cleaner technology used by printers, textile producers and the timber and metal industries.

Private sectors
OWI's comprehensive knowledge of cleaner technology and BAT has been applied in a number of projects that involved the following services:

  • Creating IPPC environmental applications and approvals
  • Completing BAT checklists
  • BAT and cleaner technology consultancy
  • Environmental management projects and environmental certification

COWI has been involved in projects for clients in a variety of different industries. Over the past 20 years, we have prepared more than 150 environmental applications and approvals.

We also provide assistance to certified organisations as technical experts during ISO 14001 certifications, including evaluating whether companies meet EU BAT recommendations.

LAST UPDATED: 26.01.2016