Life cycle assessments (LCA)

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Life cycle assessment is a tool used to determine which solutions are best seen from an environmental perspective. COWI has years of experience using this tool.

Life cycle assessment – often abbreviated LCA – is a valuable tool for public agencies and companies looking to add an environmental dimension to their planning.

LCA is used to compare products, as well as systems and services that encompass the use of various products, including chemicals, components and industrial products.

Environmental impact

COWI uses LCA to assess the environmental impact a product has during its entire lifespan. These types of assessments allow us to determine how a product affects the environment and come up with ways to lessen its environmental impact.

COWI's services
COWI is one of Denmark’s leading LCA consultants and offers the following types of services;

  • Identifying products, components and services that least affect the environment
  • Evaluating whether there are steps in the production process where there is room for improved environmental impact or economic savings
  • Making clients’ products more climate friendly
  • Creating environmental declarations for products

Our clients turn to LCA and the abovementioned services as one way to improve their standing in the community.


LAST UPDATED: 05.02.2016