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Mercury management – preparing for the Minamata Convention

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​Meeting the requirements for national implementation of the Minamata Convention may be challenging. COWI can help. We have worked with mercury management in society for more than 30 years.

​COWI is assisting many countries as international experts in the inventory part of their Minamata Initial Assessments (MIAs) and similar projects.

Mercury inventories: A requirement of the Minamata Convention

On behalf of UNEP we have developed and maintains the 'Toolkit for identification and quantification of mercury releases'. The Toolkit gives a thorough introduction to relevant mercury emission and release sources, and it provides valuable guidance and a vast database for performing national mercury inventories and mercury reduction planning.

COWI has trained almost all countries that have received training in mercury inventory development with the Toolkit so far. Through this work, we have acquired a unique understanding of how the users perceive the Toolkit, and how to advise the users best during their work and when reviewing the countries' draft inventories.

Our review exceeds general aspects such as a clear reporting presentation and general advice on data collection. Based on our background knowledge, we also observe if data and information is unfocused, or seems to be unlikely or misunderstood.

Legal gap assessment of national legislation versus the Minamata Convention requirements, and development of policies and management solutions to reduce mercury emissions and releases are also important elements in the preparations for national or regional implementation of the Minamata Convention. COWI has taken part in much of the work performed for the European Union in this respect and has assisted the Russian Federation in its full-size preparation project.

Mercury management

COWI has a unique insight into assessment and planning of societal management of mercury. We offer our customers focused assistance on subjects such as assessment of mercury-free alternatives, collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, assessment and remediation or risk reduction of contaminated sites and design of air pollution abatement solutions.

COWI's global mercury experience

​COWI is the leading resource in training countries in national mercury inventory development. The map shows countries COWI has trained in mercury inventory development or worked with/for on other mercury projects (click on the map to enlarge it).


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