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Acoustics, noise and vibration

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Sound and vibration give us important information and good experiences, but can also have a negative impact on peoples' lives and health. COWI ensures good acoustics in buildings and controls noise and vibration.

The COWI acoustics consulting team offers qualified and experienced consultancy within the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration for public and private institutions, architects, developers and contractors.

Architectural acoustics

Acoustics in buildings is one of COWIs core competences. We ensure a good sound environment in all types of buildings e.g. offices, industrial workplaces, schools, stadiums, concert halls and airports.

COWI hold broad expertise optimising acoustics in concert halls, museums and other cultural institutions where room acoustics, building acoustics, AV and technical installations are especially important to the design.

Noise mapping, planning and measuring

COWI is authorised to perform environmental noise calculations and measurements, used by public authorities within a wide range of legal planning issues. We offer both simple and more advanced solutions to map, plan and control environmental noise impacts. We have comprehensive experience in noise abatement and performing noise measurements.

COWI works with noise from traffic, industry, construction etc. Our staff is engaged in all types of projects concerning development, construction and refurbishments.

Vibration and structural dynamics

COWI's experts within vibration and structural dynamics have enhanced experience with monitoring and mapping vibrations, e.g. based on GIS mapping.

Vibration and structural dynamics are especially important in connection with infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels and railways, but different types of industry also have structural dynamic impact on dwellings and infrastructure.

Finally, vibration can be an issue in the working environment - influencing peoples lives and health

LAST UPDATED: 12.12.2016