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University campus LUX in Lund winner of Swedish Lighting Award 2015

​At LUX, Lund University's new arts and theology campus, the lighting design is geared to enhance student activities throughout the compound building. The result is an optimal learning environment in the beautifully and functionally remodelled building.

​When searching for books in the library or attending lectures, students at LUX can enjoy the effects of a hand-tailored lighting design. The interior lighting, which includes artificial daylight, is designed to create a sense of spaciousness and wellbeing inside the building. The exterior lighting creates a safe and welcoming environment with parking spaces for bicycles, seating areas and squares.

To achieve this, Akademiska Hus, the builder behind the project, had focus of the importance of a well-planned lighting design from the beginning:

"This project proves that it pays to include lighting design from the early stages of the project. The result is a building in which the lighting increases the indoor and outdoor comfort, makes it easy for the students to find their way around, and provides an optimal learning environment with lighting units uniquely designed to the bookcases and desks," says Jørgen Kjer, one of COWI's lighting designers.

Three buildings  one light

The main challenge for the lighting designers was the complex architecture where new meets old.

"It was important for us to find a unifying principle for the three very different buildings. We have for instance used linear lighting in all the rooms to harmonize the lighting," explains Jørgen Kjer.

Other techniques such as artificial daylighting on the walls instead of on the floors give a better lighting experience, and the extensive use of dynamic lighting gives a feeling of daylight throughout the building – even in the basement.

Swedish lighting award 2015

All these measures add up to a world class lighting design that recently won the Swedish lighting award 2015. The motivation of the jury goes:

- The light constitutes a unified whole where daylight and artificial light interact throughout the different buildings. The lighting design reflects the dynamics of the study environment while at the same time creating an interesting exterior. Key words are purity, simplicity and delicacy. The lighting designer has successfully managed to overcome the challenges of a project which aims at integrating the new and old buildings.

"In COWI, we are delighted and proud that the prize went to LUX. 'Cool' is a frequent word among students when the talk turns to the building – and we take this as a sign that our vision has become reality," says Jan Lövgren, Vice President of COWI Buildings in Malmö.

LUX shares the prize with the Church of Christ the King in Gothenburg.

By Helen Marie Bennett hmbe@cowi.dk
Published 17.09.2015

About LUX

LUX is composed of separate buildings from different time periods that have been converted into a new humanities and theology campus at Lund University.The property includes a large library, modern lecture halls and classrooms, several conference rooms, offices, a café, foyers and a spectacular atrium.

The latest technologies and designs have been applied and adapted to a modern university environment whilst preserving the original expression of each building. The total area of the building amounts to 17,000 m2, with room for 400 employees and 3000 students.

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