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COWI entrusted as consulting partner for new Volvo Cars factory in USA

Photo: COWI
COWI receives orders when Volvo Cars builds a new factory in the USA. The factory will be completed by 2018. COWI has been asked to produce a basic design and begin detailed design ahead of the contracting process in the USA.

COWI is to provide project organisation and all technical disciplines and has been asked to produce a basic and begin detailed design ahead of the process for procuring contractors in the USA. As technical advisor and consultant, COWI will provide services in several technical disciplines such as structural, electrical, water/heating/sanitation, exterior land, risks & safety, sustainability, fire, and a complete organisation for managing the design project and the project planning.

“It’s a true pleasure and a great challenge to supply both the basic design and the first part of the detailed design for Volvo Cars, working with them to lay a firm foundation for a successful project,” says Henrik Malmberg, Market Director Buildings.

“We are of course delighted to be entrusted by Volvo Cars to contribute our collective expertise at COWI. Our experience of working on large, complex, multidisciplinary projects in an international environment will be very useful as we utilise all of COWI’s expertise, experience and resources,” says Håkan Adelwald, Senior Vice President Buildings at COWI Sweden.

LAST UPDATED: 03.08.2017