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A brand new community in Norway emerges

Photo: Illustration produced by Nordic - Office of Architeture

​​In addition to the old dockyard, the new district will consist of three artificial islands.

​As the coastal city of Bergen in Norway rapidly evolves, a new large city development project including three brand new islands has kicked off.

​COWI recently won the competition to design the development and transformation of the old working-class area of Laksevåg into an attractive city district for businesses, residents and visitors. The competition was won in collaboration with Norwegian architectural firm Nordic – Office of Architecture and the city development company SLA.

Bergen being the second largest city in Norway, the district was traditionally used for industrial purposes. However, as the city evolves, it has the potential to become a fairly important piece of the city's development as a whole.

Building three islands from scratch

In addition to the old dockyard, the new district will consist of three artificial islands. The islands will house more than 1,600 residential apartments, offices and shops and will cover an area of 60 square kilometres.

At the dockyard, the workshop and dry dock will be preserved as tourist attractions to showcase local history and heritage.

COWI heads the engineering design of the new district of Laksevåg. Not only is the project the largest urban development project in Bergen to date; it is also among the Norwegian buildings development projects with the highest environmental ambitions. Regional Vice President of COWI Norway, Terje Bygland Nikolaisen, sees great potential in the project.

"Laksevåg has the potential to become a Nordic Venice. This is a typical example of how important it is to apply a holistic mind-set to urban development. Using rubble from the tunnel projects in Bergen to create a new and vibrant neighbourhood is a great testament to innovation and sustainability. One might say that Bergen is turning stone into gold," he explains.

Development Manager at COWI Norway Erik Rigstad considers the project to be one of the most significant projects in the area.

"It's fantastic to be developing tomorrow's Bergen. The project will give Bergen new qualities through the open sea area west of the city. This is a visionary and ambitious urban development project that will come to characterise Bergen for many generations," he says.

By Rikke Vous Hvidsteen

Published 20.06.2014​

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016