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Check out how COWI provides Denmark with natural gas


COWI breaks boundaries with a 100 kilometre long extension of the natural gas grid in South Jutland, Denmark - and now you can see how. A professional film crew has made it possible for both COWI's employees and customers to gain unique insight in an extraordinary project. Click on the image above and see for yourself.

"Gas supplies from the Danish North Sea are running out, and we will need to import gas from new suppliers. With the new extension of the existing network we will ensure the future gas supply for both Danish and Swedish consumers," says Market Director Jens Bjørnmose, COWI.

The pipeline project is the largest ongoing gas infrastructural project in Europe at this point, and the new and improved gas grid will ensure consumers a vital flexibility and with time a much greener Denmark.

"Even though the Danish government wishes Denmark to be independent from natural gas, it will take years before Denmark will be able to do without natural gas entirely. Biogas can be upgraded to the same grade as natural gas, and the new grid is therefore created to carry biogas within a very near future," says Jens Bjørnmose:

The project on film
Instead of writing a press release or preparing a PowerPoint-presentation COWI Industry & Energy decided to produce a film that shows just how comprehensive the project is.

"We thought this was a great opportunity to show how such a comprehensive project comes to live in both words and moving pictures. This combination gives our employees and customers a great sense of the scope of the project, and we hope many will watch the film and perhaps share it with friend and relevant partners," says Jens Bjørnmose, COWI.

The project is a fine example on how COWI's many competencies combined makes a big difference for its customers. Five business units have been part of the project, and engineers, geologists and mapping- and environmental experts have made the new Danish gas grid possible.

The project will be finished by the end of 2012.


The extension of the gas grid runs from Egtved to Ellund by the German boarder. Here it is connected to the German gas distribution network.

Energinet is an independent public organization with the Danish Climate and Energy Ministry.
Energinet owns the Danish electricity and gas grid.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016