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China buys green COWI knowledge

Photo: COWI
Rendering of the future Green Lighthouse in Nanjing High Tech Zone, China
A Chinese state visit to Denmark last spring has resulted in new orders for Danish companies. Among these are COWI who is to export green know-how to the large East Asian country. Having been given the opportunity to display Danish sustainable solutions in a Chinese context, the knowledge sharing is a breakthrough not just for COWI but also for Denmark as a country.

In July this year, a Chinese delegation from Nanjing, led by Party Secretary Yang, visited Denmark to share know-how and learn more about sustainable building and urban development.

Yang, along with his delegation, was invited to visit Denmark's first carbon-neutral building, Green Lighthouse, with the purpose of showcasing examples of sustainable building and town planning.

Danish Chinese Business Forum arranged the visit to Green Lighthouse, to which COWI has provided consulting services and developed the energy concept, and COWI was thus given the opportunity to present its experience with green building solutions to the Chinese delegation.

Making Nanjing High Tech Zone a greener place
After the Chinese visit, and as an indirect result of the meeting in Green Lighthouse, COWI's Chinese subsidiary in Beijing was contracted by Nanjing High Tech Zone (NHTZ), an industrial area developed in the eighties and stretching over 160 km2 of both industry and residential buildings. The area needs solutions that can improve a 20 km2 large area of the industrial zone's existing town planning, reduce the energy consumption and create a greener environment.

In addition to the urban development project, COWI was asked to build China's version of Denmark's Green Lighthouse within the Nanjing High Tech Zone. The house will function as an exhibition centre for green solutions.

"The Chinese state visit in Denmark has definitely created new opportunities for Danish companies in China and much closer relations to the Chinese decision-makers. The two new assignments once again cement the importance of personal relations and tangible references when it comes to making businesses with the Chinese," says Anders Thyge Egeberg, Managing Director in COWI China, about the international collaboration.

"I am also very pleased to see that that the visit and the close relationship have created new jobs in both Denmark and in China," COWI China's Managing Director adds.

An important foothold in China
"With these assignments we have gained an important foothold in a market with potentially huge prospects. When it comes to sustainability, China is far from where Denmark is, but the Chinese are interested and see great opportunities in green solutions. It is indeed a very interesting market where we believe we can make a difference," Anders Thyge Egeberg ends.

The projects are carried out in collaboration with the Chinese architectural company Archiland to ensure the right cultural touch and know-how.

By Pernille Bang-Ortmann
Published 19.11.2012

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016