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COWI on a roll in booming tissue market

Photo: Ingemar Myrén

​In Izmit, a few miles west of Istanbul, Turkey, COWI helped Metso Paper deliver this tissue production facility. 

​Utilizing the world's rapidly-growing consumption of tissue, COWI has just won four new projects in Russia, Turkey and Chile.

​Tissue markets are changing fast.
While the demand for newsprint and bond paper is decreasing, the opposite is the case for tissue, which includes toilet paper, paper towels and napkins.
COWI has skilfully navigated this market. In recent years, COWI has designed many tissue production facilities in, e.g., Morocco, Great Britain, Russia and Turkey.
"We're seeing massive growth in the tissue market, and the number of projects in this field is at its highest ever," says Uno Olsson, Market Director of forest industry in COWI's Industry division.

31.8 million tonnes of tissues

The reason for this growth trend lies in the improvement in living standards across the world, the ever increasing number of tourist facilities featuring hotels and restaurants, as well as more advanced health-care.
In 2012, the world's total consumption of tissues reached a record-breaking 31.8 million tonnes after years with global growth rates of up to five per cent.
And in China, one of the fastest growing areas in recent years has been tissue, taking advantage of improving living standards and the rapid urbanization of the country.
So there are reasons to believe that COWI can grab even more projects in the future.

Extensive projects

The new projects are commissioned by Metso Paper Sweden AB, a global specialist holding a world market share of almost 30 per cent, which provides turnkey tissue paper factories for paper manufacturers across the world – ranging from multinational giants to small local producers.
Metso handles the basic design and technology for the projects, and COWI handles detailed design and provides assistance regarding inspection and commissioning of new facilities. Often, COWI also heads site supervision of installation works.
"Since these are extensive projects that often last for a year or more, they contribute significantly to our company's turnover," says Olsson.
By Malena Bergkvist
and Steffen de Vries
Published 05.07.2013

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016