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COWI signs agreement with ESS

Photo: ESS

​ESS, European Spallation Source, and the syncrotron facility MAX IV (in the background) will together create a research environment that will put Sweden firmly on the world map in materials research. Both facilities have powerful particle accelerators as their prime sources.

​World-leading research facility takes shape outside Lund.

​COWI AB has signed an agreement with ESS, a greenfield project outside Lund, which will become the world’s leading research facility for materials and life science with neutrons – European Spallation Source. The project will be one of Sweden's largest building projects for many years to come. 

On a 74-hectare site north-east of Lund, ESS will form a unique research facility of unparalleled power and scientific performance. The facility is a multi-disciplinary research centre based on the world's most powerful neutron source. It will be run jointly by at least 17 European countries. 

Construction on the site is expected to commence this summer and the procurement processes for this enormous project have already started. COWI AB and ESS recently signed an agreement that will pave the way for assignments within planning, management, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and BIM (Building Information Modelling).

"The agreement with ESS is important recognition of the experience, knowledge and competence within COWI," says Anders Rydberg, President, COWI AB.

Jan Karlsson, head of the Industrial Building Department at COWI and the person responsible for the contract with ESS, agrees: "This advanced facility will need a 'best of the best' team. Our experience from heavy industrial construction, tunnels, advanced laboratories and office buildings gives us a great team to work with and we are looking forward to demonstrating our ability in this highly interesting project."

From COWI cutting-edge expertise from all around the world can be made available to the project. ESS is one of the most advanced scientific infrastructure projects ever built and is also one of the largest and most complex. The investment is estimated to be in the region of SEK 16 billion.

At COWI's rapidly growing Malmö office, the regional aspect is also of interest for the future. 

"ESS is the largest and most significant building project ever to take place in the region. We feel honoured to play a part as the world's most modern research facility takes shape and we regard it as an exciting challenge," says Jan Lövgren, head of COWI's Building and Properties Department at the Malmö office and a member of the reference group for ESS. 

He continues: "Here in southern Sweden we can see the tremendous development potential that this project will generate. An important new region will emerge along the axis from Copenhagen via Malmö to Lund and with all this entails in the form of new housing, hotels, commuting services and other infrastructure."

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016