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COWI technology helps Norwegian skier in pursuit of Olympic gold

Photo: Globus Media


​To help Aksel Lund Svindal in his pursuit of Olympic gold, COWI has developed a new and innovative tool that will prepare the skier for the challenging course profiles in Sochi, Russia.

With a specially developed camera that provides access to detailed course information, more accurate preparations can be made, as Svindal, who won gold in Super G at the Winter Olympics in 2010, is adding new technology to the sport. The camera creation will prove its worth for the first time at a competition during the World Cup races in Kitzbühel in the coming weekend.

COWI has developed a handheld creation that uses six GoPro cameras configured to record in 360-degree space, upwards and downwards. The unique technology gives Svindal a 360-degree virtual inspection of the track, which could help him slice off crucial milliseconds during competition runs. Once the slope inspection is complete, recordings from all six cameras are synchronized and merged into one coherent film using COWI's expertise in photogrammetry.
“It's a challenging job to create a good 360-degree film. The end result Svindal sees on his screen is actually composed of three different films. To achieve this result, the recordings are processed through three separate, specially developed software programmes,” says Marius Finsrud, Photogrammetry Specialist at COWI.


Contributes to developing sports

An important aspect of the partnership is to utilise the knowledge that COWI possesses in order to increase the level of achievements and to develop alpine sports through technical innovation.
“We’re constantly working together with Svindal and the rest of the Norwegian national team to develop sustainable solutions that will benefit both the team and alpine sports in general. Designing this system has been an exciting challenge for both parties and we have big ambitions for the future,” says Stein Eriksen, Head of Information Systems at COWI.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016