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COWI wins lead consultancy contract on conversion and extension of Aabenraa Hospital

Photo: COWI

​​Aabenraa Hospital will feature bed units with terraces fanning out towards a scenic natural area.

​COWI lands its first major hospital design project, providing lead consultancy for Aabenraa Hospital. A winning project that demonstrates the importance of building for the future.

​Hospitals of today are increasingly subject to the development of new courses of treatment, requirements on guarantee of treatment and so on. Combined with the technological development, this adds up to a scenario where needs are constantly changing. 

This makes it imperative to ‘build for the future’ by utilising future communication technologies, the latest medico equipment, smart robots for handling unmanned goods transport etc.

“I’m confident that our local knowledge also played an important part. We previously worked on the hospital’s emergency room, so we are very familiar with the existing building’s strengths and weaknesses and how it interacts with its surroundings,” says Market Director Svend Aage Christensen.

Matching structure and layout to activities

The core challenge of the project was to create a cohesive unit, integrating the new buildings into the existing complex in an optimal manner, while ensuring that the physical buildings, layout and logistics match the activities undertaken in the hospital, also in the future. Always to the benefit of patients, staff and families alike.

“It’s always exciting to add new buildings and functions to existing ones. The entire basic structure is already in place, defining the outlines of our free scope. For this reason, it’s crucial to think outside of the box and be creative if we are to create a hospital where the new and the old elements interact in the best possible way,” says Christensen.

The project involves conversion and new building of some 34,000 m2. The total budget is in the range of DKK 700 million. 

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016