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Geosyntec joins COWI and Tauw as co-owner of CAT Alliance Ltd

Photo: CAT Alliance Ltd

​Geosyntec Consultants has joined COWI and Tauw as co-owners of CAT Alliance Ltd, which offers environmental due diligence services to multinational customers.

CAT Alliance's supervisory board members Mogens Heering (COWI), Neal Durant (Geosyntec), and Bram de Borst (Tauw) just signed a cooporation agreement in Octoboer 2013. Before this, in June 2013, Geosyntec Consultants took over the shares in CAT Alliance Ltd from SKM Enviros and became a co-owner and a full member of the CAT Alliance.

"Following a downturn in the market for environmental due diligence, a period of consolidation and change of joint ownership, CAT Alliance now aims to increase its development opportunities through its network of partners and to provide environmental due diligence services to multinational customers on a global scale," says Supervisory Board Member Mogens Heering who welcomes Geosyntec to the owner group.

Long-standing cooperation sealed

Geosyntec, already a CAT Alliance partner, wished to enhance its relationship with CAT Alliance after having been working regularly with COWI and Tauw on European remediation projects for a number of years. Geosyntec offers the Alliance a comprehensive coverage of the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom as home countries.

"With Geosyntec's entrance as an owner, COWI will benefit from a stronger presence in the financial centres, such as New York and London, and we expect more assignments from global partners in the Americas, Southeast Asia/Australia and UK/Ireland," says Søren Viegand, who is representing COWI in the management group.

"Together with Tauw, Geosyntec and the Alliance's many partners, COWI is now in an even stronger position to further develop our environmental due diligence services and follow-on business with multinational corporations and customers involved in global transactions," Viegand adds.

Published on 20 December 2013 by Anja Basilio Fabech

About CAT Alliance Ltd

CAT Alliance is a joint venture company, owned by the three leading consultancies: COWI, Geosyntec and Tauw

CAT Alliance Ltd was established as a company in 2001 by the three consultant companies COWI, Aspinwall (later succeeded by Enviros) and Tauw.

CAT Alliance draws on a staff of more than 13,000 in 50 countries.

CAT Alliance offers global environmental due diligence (EDD) services through a worldwide network of partners. The Alliance advises multinational industrial, financial and property clients on merger, acquisition and vendor led transactions. CAT Alliance also assists clients in managing the integration of the key findings identified during a due diligence and implements corporate EHS/ESG standards. Through its members, CAT Alliance Ltd provides strategic, policy and technical support for most environmental and engineering requirements.

About COWI

With offices all over the world, COWI offers consultancy services within engineering, environmental science and economics and plans projects using its extensive knowledge of local markets while drawing on the international experience of its entire organisation.

About Geosyntec

Geosyntec is a specialized consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources and civil infrastructure.

About Tauw

Tauw is an independent European consulting and engineering company specialised in the design, improvement and management of the natural environment, built-up environment and infrastructure.


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