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Swedish auditorium wins Building of the Year

Aula Medica 

​'Building of the Year' is the most prestigious award in the building industry in Sweden. The prize was given to the conspicuous Karolinska Institute's new auditorium.

​Over the last year, numerous Swedish building projects have been praised, such as the Swedish shopping mall Emporia and the synchrotron facility MAX IV. Now, another award can be added to the shelf.

And the award for best building of the year goes to the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute's new grand and distinctive-looking auditorium, which was built in 2013.

The jury stated that "the project is characterised by innovation, openness and creativity, where the building's advanced design had its counterpart in the good logistics of the construction process and scheduled implementation."

The verdict from Senior Vice President of Buildings in Sweden, Håkan Adelwald, is clear:

"This is new evidence of COWI's collective expertise and ability to carry out solutions for complex buildings which justifies the great confidence of the industry."

With its 1,000-seat auditorium, the new lecture hall complex, Aula Medica, enables the university to arrange major public events, such as the Nobel Lectures, which attract audiences from all around the world.

The building is located on a narrow plot that makes one corner lean 23 feet above the road to create a larger auditorium. The façade is covered with 6,000 squares of glass at a total of 90 tonnes.

COWI was responsible for the static structures of the building, which was designed by architects from Wingårdh.

Rikke Vous Hvidsteen  rvhv@cowi.dk
Published 07.04.2014

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016