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Ukraine chooses COWI to build sports arena for EuroBasket 2015

Photo: Abhinaw Mishra
COWI Lithuania has signed an important contract for designing a new multifunctional sports complex in Ukraine.

Ukraine is in the midst of preparing for the important role of hosting the European Basketball Championship, EuroBasket, in 2015. This requires new basketball arenas.

The Švyturio arena in Lithuania, which was used for EuroBasket 2011, has impressed the city representatives of Kharkov in Ukraine. In order to obtain similar features, they have chosen COWI and Forma to design the new multifunctional sports arena in Kharkov. The contract was signed on 1 March 2013.

"With this array of arena projects done in Lithuania and Ukraine, I believe we are building a new in-house competence which can be utilised by other COWI offices and companies too," says Almantas Stankūnas, Director of Buildings in COWI Lithuania.

Stadium experience in COWI

Building stadiums or stadium parts is not new to COWI. In Denmark, COWI has experience with building large stadiums, including Aarhus Stadium and Arena, Odense Ice-Hockey Stadium and Forum Horsens ‒ a cultural and sports complex that can accommodate 4,500 spectators.

Currently COWI is client advisor on the new 15,000 capacity indoor arena in Orestad, Copenhagen. The arena is  multi-functional and will be able to house sport, music, culture and much more. The plan is that Copenhagen Arena will be ready for the first event in the beginning of 2016.

September 2011 the North American COWI subsidiary Buckland & Taylor finished the world’s largest cable supported retractable roof over the BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, Canada. Buckland & Taylor was responsible for each step of the erection sequence: They designed the masts, the cable nets spanning the stadium, the steel box compression ring and the multi-cable tension ring. The 36 masts around the stadium’s outer rim are the equivalent of 18 suspension bridges.

Pernille Bang-Ortmann PNBO@cowi.com

Published 16.05.2013

Accommodation of spectators

The multifunctional sports complex in the Ukraine will accommodate 6,000 spectators during the EuroBasket 2015 events, at least 5,000 spectators during ice hockey games and approximately 7,000 seated spectators for concerts.

LAST UPDATED: 16.09.2016