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Monitoring science and innovation across Europe

Photo: Rumfang
MASIS - monitoring policy and research activities on science in society - is a service project launched by the European Commission to develop a system to map and monitor the most important activities and players within science across Europe.

The project aims at providing relevant information about 38 countries - EU member states and countries associated to the seventh European Framework Programme (FP7).

The information is provided via a network of national correspondents, which is managed by COWI.

Europe as science centre
Science and technology play a key role in the development of European society, and are pivotal also in wider social and welfare contexts.
The Lisbon Agenda formed the basis for the commitment to make Europe a competing force in science through the realisation of the European Research Area.

International network of experts
In cooperation with the Danish Centre for Studies in Research and Research Policy (CFA), COWI has engaged a network of science in society experts in 38 European countries.

The experts will report on science in society activities and trends in their countries, based on a research framework developed by CFA and COWI, who will check the quality and analyse the 38 reports, identifying trends and creating an overview.

Interactive website
The results of the analysis will be made available on a website which COWI is developing with Contentcube and Rumfang.

The website will act as a European platform for science in society, promoting interaction between scientists, policy-makers and citizens.



EuroCenter is part of the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

EuroCenter supports the internationalisation of Danish research. The centre provides information and advice to Danish companies, universities, research institutions and other interested parties about the EU research programme (FP7).

As an example, staff at the EuroCenter help Danish organisations clarify whether a project idea matches the opportunities in the programme and assist applicants in writing FP7-applications.


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