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Appraisal of Guangde wastewater treatment plant, China

Photo: COWI
​COWI carried out an appraisal of the Guangde wastewater treatment plan in China.

COWI carried out a technical, organisational, environmental, financial and economic review of the Guangde wastewater treatment plant project.

The purpose of the appraisal of the wastewater treatment plant project was to provide Danida with a basis for deciding whether to support the project under the Mixed Credit Programme.

Environmental and health issues
The population in urban areas of Guangde County is 100,000 residential people and around 20,000 floating people, and the population is expected to increase to around 200,000 by 2020.

Large areas of the towns are not connected to the drainage network or to a wastewater sewerage system. Wastewater is being discharged directly into the rivers flowing through the county, causing environmental and health problems in Guangde County.

Treating wastewater
The project will establish a new wastewater treatment plant with mechanical and biological treatment of wastewater, a new pumping system, a new sewer system with separation of flood and wastewater, and connect all industries and households to the sewer system.

Financial and economic analysis
COWI carried out a financial and economic analysis of the project. This provided the basis for Danida to make the decision of whether to support the project.

LAST UPDATED: 15.02.2017