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Review of reconstruction of the Port of Vukovar, Croatia

Photo: anjci/flickr
​​​COWI reviewied and updated the documentation for reconstructing the port of Vukovar.

COWI reviewed and updated the project documentation for reconstructing the Port of Vukovar, enabling the port to apply for EU financing.

The infrastructure in the Croatian Port of Vukovar has only partly been reconstructed after war damages, and the port does not meet market requirements.

The layout of the port area, particularly the access to railway tracks and the quay operational area, was technologically inappropriate, and there was a lack of warehouse capacity.

Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis To increase the competiveness of the port, a new Port East project was proposed.

The project encompassed the construction of infrastructural port facilities, bank, road and rail as well as physical infrastructure, port loading and unloading equipment, and the construction and purchasing of terminal-related equipment for bulk cargo and collection of waste liquids from ships.

COWI carried out a feasibility study and a cost-benefit analysis of the project. Following the review, the port was able to submit an application for financing by the EU.

LAST UPDATED: 16.02.2017