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Air transport projects for the Greenland Self-Government

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COWI has carried out a number of aviation and transport planning projects for the Greenland Self-Government. Four of them are described below.
Bilateral agreements for the aviation sector

The project consisted of legal, traffic and economic analyses of and recommendations for Greenland's bilateral ("open skies") agreements with its neighbouring countries in the aviation field.

The analysis covered both flights in route and charter flights, which were analysed using passenger a traffic forecast model system of the self-government which covers the entire North Atlantic Region.

Runway extensions in Nuuk and Ilulissat

The project covered an aviation and an economic analysis of the consequences of extending the runways in Nuuk and Ilulissat airports. The analyses were carried out using the self-government's traffic modelling system.

Tendering of transport services
The Greenland Self-Government tenders and finances a number of service agreements to support the shipping, airplane and helicopter connections between the country's many cities and settlements. These agreements should be handled together with hospital and search-and-rescue flights.

COWI prepared and carried out the tendering of the service agreements with focus on establishing incentive-based partnerships. This entailed the preparation of a strategy paper, involvement of municipalities, preparation of tendering material and carrying out tender and partnership negotiations.

Air traffic model and economic toolbox
COWI established a modelling tool consisting of an aviation traffic model (VISUM) and an economic consequence part (TERESA). The overall model system can be used for consistent assessment of future aviation infrastructure in Greenland.

The model covers the entire North Atlantic Region and can be used in connection with assessment of airports in Greenland or flights to/from eastern Canada/USA and/or Europe.

LAST UPDATED: 30.06.2017