Automatic monitoring of the danish nature

Photo: Niclas Jessen


​In the spring of 2014, the Danish Nature Agency op-timised monitoring of the Danish nature by means of an automatic monitoring system developed by COWI.

​The Danish Nature Agency is responsible for regularly assessing the state of the environment in Denmark. To this end, environmental sensors have been set up to measure, e.g., water level, temperature, acidity and salinity.

In the next couple of years, the number of sensors is expected to exceed 10,000, which places high demands on collection methods and techniques.  

Multi-purpose monitoring system

To optimise the monitoring, COWI has developed AMO – a system for automatic data collection and monitoring of the environmental sensors established by the Danish Nature Agency. The system includes functions such as:

  • Analysis and presentation of data
  • Online communication with sensors in the field via 3/4G mobile data and MODBUS protocol
  • Import and storage of sensor data in an SQL database
  • Alarms via text messages and email when threshold limits are exceeded
  • Web-services to exchange data with two external systems, Hymer and Ju-piter
  • Integration with the single sign-on system used by the Danish Nature and Environmental Portal.

Monitoring system is future standard platform

Launched in the spring of 2014, the system is the Danish Nature Agency's standard platform for collecting data from environmental sensors in the future. Following commissioning, COWI is responsible for maintenance, further development and support of the system.

LAST UPDATED: 07.04.2017