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360 it consultancy for the danish central stockholding entity

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​In 2011, the Danish Central Stockholding Entity (FDO) was preparing to meet higher requirements for the monthly reports of oil companies to the Dan-ish government. COWI carried out a 360° analysis of FDO's business processes and IT systems.

​The analysis served to determine whether it was necessary to develop a new system for han-dling future monthly reports from the oil companies. Specifically, whether FDO should con-tinue reporting via its existing IT system, which – in that case – would have to be upgraded in order to comply with the new set of rules, or whether it would be more economical to develop a brand new system meeting the requirements of the EU directive.

Development and quality assurance of new IT system

The findings of the analysis revealed that it would be worthwhile to roll out a new IT system. COWI subsequently participated in the project maturation, stakeholder in-volvement, preparation of requirements specification and tender documents, as well as tendering and contract negotiations.

During the development and commissioning phases, COWI provided assistance and consultancy to FDO's project management regarding management of deliverables and quality assurance, which involved experienced project managers and IT archi-tects from different COWI business areas.

Advantages of 360° IT consultancy

The IT consultancy provided to FDO is a great example of COWI's 360° consultan-cy, which involves drawing on core competencies from several of COWI's business areas when solving a task. The client benefitted from having one single supplier covering all aspects of its business needs, which in this case included: analysis of work processes, management consultancy, legal advice and requirements specifica-tion for new IT system. COWI also provided consultancy regarding management of the tender process, tender evaluation, contracting and consultancy regarding de-velopment and commissioning of the IT system.

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