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Immovable property rights register in Kosovo

Photo: COWI A/S
The development and implementation of an Immovable Property Rights Register in Kosovo contributed to solving the issue of property rights - one of the problems that the country faced after the Kosovo conflict in the 90s.
During the Kosovo conflict in the late 90s, most property records were destroyed, leaving people without documents proving their rights of land and real property ownership. In 1999 - when the conflict came to an end - Kosovo faced some huge national challenges: reconstruction of well-working democratic institutions, establishment of a market economy, of property rights, etc.

The project

This project sought to alleviate the property rights problem - one of the negative consequences of the conflict. The scope of the project - which was connected to the Kosovo Cadastre and Land Information System - was to develop and implement a computerised Immovable Property Rights Register (IPRR) for the Kosovo Cadastral Agency.

Examples of the services provided by COWI: 

  • Design, development and implementation of a client/server application for the registration of property rights. 
  • Design and development of a distribution system that provides web-access to information about Immovable Property Rights for the public and customers. 
  • Training in the relevant procedures for handling the two systems.

LAST UPDATED: 18.12.2017