Economic modelling tools

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COWI analyses and clarifies complex economic correlations and issues in user-friendly tools and models.

For instance, COWI can develop a tool to estimate economic and environmental consequences of different waste management strategies or estimate the CO2 emissions from road and railway transport.

We can deliver an optimisation model which can determine the most profitable production strategy. Or we can calculate the economic and environmental consequences of different technological developments in a number of sectors and industries.

Custom-made and user-friendly solutions
COWI has great expertise and many years of experience in developing models and tools. The customer's needs are our starting point, so that solutions and platforms match our customers' situation. COWI's solutions are user-friendly, well-documented and quality assured.

Often we offer solutions that make it possible for customers themselves to continue working with the model.  We also develop GIS and web-based solutions. 

Detailed models
Today, complex economic correlations are common for public authorities and private companies. Our experience tells us that detailed models are very valuable for identifying the crucial parameters for choices and decisions.

Models can be used as a basis for decision-making and to provide more qualified discussions and systematic analyses of the factors that influence economics and risks the most.

Applicable modelsWhen we develop an economic model or tool we often provide a range of complementary services. For instance, we advise our customers on the collection and analysis of data.

The surveys we design provide valid and representative results. We carry out the relevant analyses. To ensure that our customers get the full benefits of the analyses, we facilitate solutions which our customers can implement.

LAST UPDATED: 23.10.2017