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Responsibility return assessment

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities can sometimes be measured at the bottom line. The result is not always tangible. But it is a result nonetheless, and one which it pays to look into and understand.

Measuring the effects of CSR and comparing them to a company's strategies, goals and resources, provides an overview of which activities have resulted in meeting which goals, to which degree and at which price.

Measuring responsibility
COWI has developed a measuring tool: the RRA® ("Responsibility Return Assessment"). The purpose of the tool is to:

  • Provide management with information on how to achieve a desired goal in the most effective way
  • Provide valid documentation on the actual effects of CSR activities to external stakeholders.

Analytical approach
The RRA® is based on analytical approaches and tools which COWI has applied and developed for several years on evaluation assignments. COWI is considered one of the leading evaluators in Europe.

Our approach to consultancy on CSR draws on all the professional branches of our business.

This includes environmental and energy management, sustainable construction and transport, human rights, socioeconomic analysis and communication services related to CSR goals and measures.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR addresses the way businesses handle social, environmental and ethical aspects. CSR includes reductions in carbon emissions, environmentally sustainable products, healthcare and working conditions in the company and its supply chain.


LAST UPDATED: 24.03.2017