Sector evaluation

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In both the public and private sectors services are becoming increasingly specialised. As a consequence, sector-specific expertise is in demand in relation to evaluation of services.

The demand for sector-specific knowledge and expertise has increased with changes in public policies and private consumer preferences.

From public health to integration
In the health sector, the focus on general public health has spilled over into other policy areas, such as labour policy, home care and nutrition.

Within social policies, immigration has become a fundamental issue. It has changed the political focus towards integration of citizens with a different cultural background.

Understanding the interdisciplinary approach, interpreting the latest research and trends within and between sectors is therefore key to delivering a sound sector evaluation.

Sector-specific consultancy
COWI offers a multidisciplinary team with evaluation expertise in all welfare sectors. Based on sector-specific expertise, we formulate and implement performance indicators in every sector evaluation.

We use a wide range of evaluation methods. The combination of sector-specific knowledge and evaluation expertise add value to our customers.

COWI provides consultancy services within the following sectors:

  • Health
  • Integration
  • Business strategy, CSR and cradle-to-cradle
  • Regional development
  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017