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COWI helps customers identify how different types of deregulation affect a market.

How does it affect a company's competitiveness when taxes are increased or new taxes are imposed? How is regulation designed to minimise the impact on organisational competitiveness? How does new regulation affect growth - and who will benefit from it?

COWI examines how price and income regulation, taxes or illegal conduct such as cartels can affect the market.

Sector deregulation

Several heavily regulated sectors have recently been fully or partly deregulated. The specific design of new regulation is critical to how the deregulation will affect consumers and companies.

COWI has analysed the consequences of different forms of regulation in several sectors, including electricity, gas, water, heat and waste incineration and disposal.

Behavioural regulation initiatives

In other cases, initiatives of general behavioural regulations are changed or introduced across sectors.

The introduction of CO2 quotas is an example of an initiative that COWI has worked intensively with. An important aspect of these analyses is how the quota system affects companies' competitiveness.

Modelling of the market
A central element of a competition analysis is a simulation of the market.

COWI has created numerous market simulation models. These have been applied to analyse the effect of total deregulation of the market for heating, CO2-emissions, illegally collected VAT and illegal conduct in the form of cartels.

LAST UPDATED: 27.01.2017