Financing strategies

Photo: Dave Dugdale/flickr

COWI prepares financing strategies for governments throughout the world.

The financing strategies assist national, regional and local governments in developing financially sustainable sector strategies. COWI has assisted governments in Europe, Caucasus, Asia and Africa.

Transparent sector strategies
We prepare sector-specific financing strategies. Most of the strategies we have prepared target the environment sector, particularly the water and waste sectors.

Each financing strategy is accompanied by various systems, plans and databases, such as monitoring and evaluation systems, implementation plans and performance indicator data bases. We emphasise sensitivity analyses, which facilitates successful implementation.

Solid tools
We use solid, well-documented tools, such as the FEASIBLE model, affordability models and financial models. This gives our customers state-of-the-art analyses and transparency regarding the calculations and assumptions used.

Close dialogue
Usually there is a need to close a financing gap that arises over time. It may be closed by making development objectives less ambitious or by increasing the financing available. This means that policy decisions have to be made.

The financing strategies are prepared in a close dialogue with key stakeholders. Dialogue is paramount to the financing strategies, because it facilitates policy discussions.

LAST UPDATED: 01.09.2017