Land information systems

Photo: Niels Åge Skovbo
Land Information Systems (LIS) are the ICT tools to manage spatial data information.  COWI has on numerous cadastre projects developed LIS to assist clients in the management and maintenance of cadastre and registration.

When it comes infrastructure projects or expropriations we also assist clients in the provision of spatial data to other public and private sectors.

The strength of COWI lies in the synergy between the expertise in the field of cadastre and the technical competencies within IT, GIS and mapping, which is an excellent basis for providing the entire set of services related to the compilation of LIS, including geometric and textual data.

Examples of LIS implemented by COWI are found in as different settings as Africa, the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.

COWI has developed LIS and Land Use Planning and Management systems with features as for instance a development and building permit issuance database.

LAST UPDATED: 18.04.2017